Case UX — Organizing financial reserves in folders

The research

Once upon a time there was Nathally, who was 22 years old and had dreamed of going to Disney since she was 18.
Every day she was torn between college in the morning and working at the mall store until night.
One day Nathally saw that no matter how much she tried to save for her dream trip, the money did not pay. But deep down she knew why: every time she saw a showcase on sale she was there, swiping the card.
Because of this, she decided that she would start to separate part of the salary for the trip, another part of the salary for graduate school and only what was left over from that she would spend. The travel and postage money would be hidden away, out of her sight.
Nathally started depositing the rest of her salary in her folders within the Nubank app. She sent R $ 200 to Disney here, R $ 150 reais to the post folder there … many times she even received extra money in the month and already sent it straight to the trip!
Until finally after a few months of sending the money to the right place and without spending, she was shocked: she opened the account and saw that she already had R $ 6,000 separate to make her dream come true!





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